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If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many of our clients have been where you are today. It’s okay to ask questions. We understand if being pregnant wasn’t in your plan. We are here to help if even just to listen. You owe it to yourself to develop a plan for your possible current pregnancy.

Alternaterm has been helping students from all Greater Cleveland Area Campuses for over 25 years. Our commitment to providing education and non-judgmental support to those facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, has continued to make us one of the areas leading resources for students seeking free and confidential services.

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Make an appointment to talk with one of Alternaterm’s friendly staff today. You have a right to be fully informed on All your choices before you decide. All services we provide are free and confidential.

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Questions or Thoughts You May Have

  • How will I finish school?
  • What will my parents say?
  • What if I lose my scholarship?
  • How will I face my family and friends?

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Are you concerned about being pregnant and don’t know what to do next? Often women find it helpful to talk with someone about all their options. Answering your questions and giving you the facts is why we’re here. Visit us for a free pregnancy test. All of our services are free and confidential.

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