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Dads Matter Program

Each woman who comes to see us – alone or with a partner – has a man involved in her situation.

As a male partner you may be her husband, serious boyfriend, or maybe you are just “friends” with her. You may be extremely supportive. You may be pressuring her to abort this pregnancy. You may not even know she suspects she’s pregnant. In every case, our desire is to involve you as a father.

Dads Matter exists to:

  • train expectant fathers
  • fight father-absence
  • help men deal with the issues relating to sexual integrity
  • empower men to fulfill their roles as fathers and leaders in the life of a child
  • encourage men to go beyond just fatherhood

To this end, we always look for opportunities to engage men with what’s happening at the center and in the life of their partners. Our Dads Matter Program is designed to support fatherhood in order to develop healthy families and communities.

One on one and group sessions are available.

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