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Are You Considering Abortion?

We understand that this is your choice and nobody but you can develop a pregnancy plan that fits your individual situation. If you are considering an abortion we can help answer your concerns and questions confidentially.

How Can I Be Certain I’m Pregnant?

Some common symptoms of early pregnancy include a missed period, frequent urination, nausea, breast tenderness, mood swings, and tiredness. (1) However, to diagnose and confirm that you are pregnant, a visit to an appropriate health care provider will be necessary. They may even request an ultrasound exam to confirm the status of your pregnancy. We offer pregnancy tests at our center free of charge.

Should I Be Concerned About Having An Abortion

That is a fair question, but consider this: abortion isn’t necessarily your only option. If you have already scheduled to have an abortion you may have determined it’s not the right time in your life to be a parent. Or maybe this time you just aren’t sure what to do. Regardless of where you are. you owe it to yourself to take an honest look at what abortion entails.

Pregnancy Options

Free Ultrasounds Available

Statistics show 1 in 6 early pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. If you have a positive pregnancy test at our center you are eligible for a free ultrasound to determine estimated gestational age of your pregnancy and status. Make an appointment today for your free test. Ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy may be helpful in your decision making process and can potentially save you money if your pregnancy isn’t viable.

(1) Cunningham G,et al. Williams Obstetrics. 21st ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers;2011.

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Did You Know?

  • There are several kinds of abortion.
  • The abortion methods available to you may be determined by how far along you are in your pregnancy.
  • 1 in 6 early pregnancies may end naturally in miscarriage.
  • There are risks associated with abortion.

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Are you concerned about being pregnant and don’t know what to do next? Often women find it helpful to talk with someone about all their options. Answering your questions and giving you the facts is why we’re here. Visit us for a free pregnancy test. All of our services are free and confidential.

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